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Pitt County Government

The Pitt County Board of Commissioners is the governing body for Pitt County Government. The Board consists of nine elected officials, six of whom are elected as representatives from one of the County's single election districts and three of whom are elected to represent a combined district, a district which encompasses two of the County's single election districts. This system ensures that each Pitt County resident is represented by two Commissioners, one from a single district and one from the combined district in which the citizen lives.

The Board of Commissioners establishes local ordinances, policies, and procedures, determines the immediate and long-term goals and objectives for the County, and hires a full-time manager to oversee the daily operations of the government. Pitt County has operated under the County Manager form of government since 1970. The County Manager hires the County staff, meets regularly with department and agency heads, and ensures the Board's goals and objectives are met. The County Manager serves at the discretion of the Board. D. Scott Elliott has held the appointed position of County Manager since April 1, 2002.

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The Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners is the primary administrative assistant to the Board. The Clerk prepares and promulgates meeting agendas, maintains the County's official files, and coordinates the Commissioners' schedules. The Clerk also serves at the discretion of the Board.

If you would like to add an item to the agenda of an upcoming meeting, forward all pertinent data about the item to the Clerk at least three weeks in advance of the meeting. You may contact the Clerk to the Board, Kimberly W. Hines, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, at the following location:

Kimberly W. Hines, Clerk to the Board
Pitt County Office Building
1717 W. 5th Street
Greenville, NC 27834

252.830.6311 (Fax)