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Pitt County Government

Adopting Ordinance (text | signed)
Table Of Contents

  1. Animal Control
    1. Animal Cruelty and Neglect Ordinance
    2. Animal Nuisance Ordinance
    3. Dangerous Dog Ordinance
    4. Canine Control Ordinance
  2. Emergency Management
    1. Emergency Management Ordinance
    2. State of Emergency
    3. Fire Prevention Ordinance
    4. EMS Oversight Ordinance
  3. Facility Services
    1. Ordinance to Regulate Parking on County Owned Property
    2. Ordinance to Regulate the Utilization of the Pitt County Recreation Complex
    3. Restrictions on Use of County Owned Parking Lots, Driveways and Roadways
  4. Human Resources
    1. Personnel Ordinance
  5. Law Enforcement
    1. Noise Ordinance
    2. Ordinance Governing Hunting in Pitt County
    3. An Ordinance to Prohibit Trespassing Within 25 Feet of any Fenced Enclosure at the Pitt County Detention Center to Prevent the Conveyance Of Contraband Forbidden to Inmates by Jail Rules
    4. Ordinance Prohibiting the Carrying of Deadly Weapons in Pitt County Buildings and Permitting the Posting of Signs to Prohibit the Carrying of Deadly Weapons in Pitt County Buildings
    5. Ordinance Prohibiting the Possession of Concealed Handguns in Pitt County Buildings and Permitting the Posting of Signs Prohibiting the Carrying of Concealed handguns in Pitt County Buildings
    6. Ordinance Prohibiting Skateboarding and Other Similar Activities on Pitt County Property Without Written Permission of the Board of Commissioners
  6. Office of Public Information
    1. Cable Communications Ordinance
  7. Planning & Development Services
    1. Addressing
    2. Ordinance Regulating Adult Establishments Sexually Oriented Businesses
    3. Building Codes Enforcement Ordinance
    4. Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
    5. Manufactured Home Parks
    6. Massage Business License
    7. Outdoor Advertising Signs
    8. Riparian Buffer Protection Ordinance
    9. Shooting Range Regulations
    10. Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance
    11. Stormwater Management Ordinance for Nutrient Control
    12. Subdivision Ordinance
    13. Zoning Ordinance
    14. Voluntary Agricultural District Ordinance
  8. Solid Waste & Recycling
    1. Franchise Ordinance for Construction Debris Landfills
    2. Junk Motor Vehicles
    3. Solid Waste Recycling, Collection and Disposal Ordinance
  9. Tax Administration
    1. Occupancy Tax
    2. Ordinance Levying Tax on Gross Receipts Derived from Retail Short-Term Leases or Rental of Motor Vehicles
  10. Historical Notes
    1. Historical Notes