10-Year Plan To End Chronic Homelessness


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The 10-Year Plan To End Chronic Homelessness

Strategy Teams

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  1. Prevention and Crisis / Services and Support
  2. Transition to Independence 
  3. Permanent Housing
  4. Public Information and Awareness Committee


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, appointed by the Greenville City Council and the Pitt County Board of Commissioners, will provide insight regarding direction and new efforts needed, and will serve as a base of community support. The Advisory Boards will be responsible for strategic leadership, policy guidance, and monitoring results.

The Advisory Board will include 17-19 representatives from groups including Greenville City Council, Pitt County Board of Commissioners, municipal officials, Pitt County United Way, Pitt County Chamber of Commerce, East Carolina University, Pitt County Community College, and the Pitt County Memorial Hospital. The Board may also include representatives from the health department, department of social services, mental health local management entity, law enforcement agencies, police department, faith-based community, individuals who have formerly been homeless, and advocates and direct service providers who work with individuals and families who are homeless.

The Board will meet quarterly to ensure that goals, objectives, and strategies of Our Journey Home 10-Year Plan are being met, and to help address the inevitable challenges inherent in this ambitious initiative.

Board Members are limited to two three-year terms, with staggered in dates.



Advisory Board Meeting Calendar

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Advisory Board will provide guidance and objective perspectives to the many efforts being undertake. The Committee will be made up of 3-5 representatives of the Advisory Board. The Executive Committee, in consultation with the Project Manager, will meet on a regular basis to monitor the progress implementing the 10-Year Plan initiatives.

Strategy Teams

Strategy Teams are essential to the actualization of the 10-Year Plan. These teams will refine actiosn and strategies for implementation and will serve as liaisons to the agencies, groups and individuals who carry out the action steps. We encourage the participation of members of the faith community, business community, civic groups and the public to work together for change in out community. Teams will work closely with the Project Manager and meet on a regular basis to ensure that actions and strategies are being formulated and carried out effectively, in coordination with one another.