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Pitt County Government

Improvement Permit Process

Are you...

  • Placing a new structure on a property?
    Example: House, Mobile Home, Storage Building, Swimming Pool
  • Increasing the footprint of an existing structure on a property?
  • Increasing the number of bedrooms in an existing residence?
  • Increasing the number of employees in an existing business?
  • Changing the use of the septic system?
    Example: Changing a store to a church or a house to a daycare.

What Information Do You Need To Obtain An Improvement Permit?

  1. Property Owner’s Name, Address, Contact Phone Number
  2. Tax Parcel Number
  3. Directions to Property
  4. Subdivision Name and Lot Number (if applicable)
  5. Mobile Home Park Name, Lot Number and Address (if applicable)

Upon application for an Improvement Permit, you will be requested to do some or all of the following:

  1. Mark Lot Corners (up to 1 acre)
  2. Uncover Portion of Septic Tank Lid
  3. Post Sign (provided by Permitting Center)

Upon issuance of an Improvement Permit, an Authorization to Construct Permit may be required.

If so, a plot plan must be submitted showing the following:

  1. Outline of Property
  2. Outline of Structure (include any porches, decks or garages)
  3. Length and Width of Structure
  4. Distance from Property Lines and Road

Plot plans may be drawn by the applicant or by a surveyor (if required). Upon receipt, they will be reviewed by an Environmental Health Specialist for approval and issuance of an Authorization to Construct Permit.