1. Annual Budgets

    Find current and older annual budgets for Pitt County.

  2. Area Parks & Trails (PDF)

    Discover the parks and walking trails of Pitt County.

  3. Boards & Commissions Meeting Videos

    Watch boards and commissions meeting videos on YouTube.

  4. Community News

    Find new reports from Pitt County.

  5. Floodplain Information

    Find information on the floodplains of Pitt County. Including the dominant source of flooding in the area and the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains.

  6. Maps

    Find maps of Pitt County and a map showing the locations of official offices.

  7. Pitt Area Transit (PATS)

    Learn about Pitt Area Transit (PATS) and find information on eligibility and how to schedule transportation.

  8. Restaurant Ratings

    Find restaurant ratings for restaurants in Pitt County.

  9. Upcoming Events

    Find upcoming events in Pitt County.

  10. Waste & Recycling Collection Sites

    County collection sites are available to the public to dispose of household garbage and a number of recyclable items.

  11. DMV Vehicle Tax Lookup