Development Commission


  • 5 p.m.
  • 4th Thursday of each month (except November and December)
  • Development Commission Conference Room

Members (R01-21)


Applicant District
First Appt

Appt Date

Exp Date

Years Served
(To Date)

Years Served
(At Term End)
Fitzpatrick, Mike (Chairman) 5 1/1/2020 1/1/2020 12/31/2022 0.80
8 McCarty, Michael (Vice-Chair) Greenville Nominated 2 12/15/2014 1/1/2018 12/31/2020 5.84 6.04
11 Gould, Thomas PCC (Treasurer) 6 8/4/2014 12/31/2017 12/31/2020 6.21 6.41
6 Ploehn, Harry ECU (Secretary) 4 10/1/2018 10/1/2018 12/31/2021 1.98 3.18
1 Huggins, Ann Floyd Commissioner 1 10/19/2020 10/19/20 12/31/2023 0.00 3.00


The Pitt County Development Commission recruits new industry and supports existing industry in Pitt County. Its mission is to promote job growth, diversify the County's economy, and expand the local tax base. Research data, printed materials, and prospect missions are components of the Commission's efforts. The Commission maintains a free listing of available industrial and major office buildings and sites. The Commission works closely with the North Carolina Department of Commerce, North Carolina's Eastern Region Partnership, local Chambers of Commerce, East Carolina University, Pitt Community College, and Vidant Health.

A list of Board meeting dates for 2021 is available here.

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