At the Voting Place

Upon entering the voting place, state your name and address to the election official.  In primaries, you must state your political party affiliation.  If you are properly registered, you will:

  • Sign an official voting document.
  • At the ballot table exchange the signed voting document for your ballot.
  • Go to a voting booth and mark your ballot. Darken the ovals fully of your selected candidates using only the pen provided. If you mark your ballot in error, return it to the election official and they will give you a new ballot.
  • After marking your ballot insert it into the voting machine and exit the voting place.
Always flip your ballot over to see if there are contests on the back.  In some elections the large number of contests requires a double-sided ballot. 

If you are unable to enter the voting place because of age or physical disability, you will be allowed to vote in your vehicle upon signed affirmation of these reasons. Have someone enter the voting place and inform the election officials of your desire to vote in this manner.