Emergency Disaster Activities

Emergencies occur each day in Pitt County. The vast majority of these emergencies do not require the activation of the Pitt County Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) or the Emergency Operation Center (EOC). However, some emergencies may require the activation of the County EOP and EOC.

Activation Process

When such an event occurs, many agencies will report to the EOC. Once the EOC is activated, it will remain open until the event has ended. Depending upon the event, the EOC could be open for several hours or remain open for an extended period of time. When the EOC is activated, staff plans are in place for 24 hour operational periods with each shift working 12 hours.


Management of Resources

One of the main reasons for activating the EOP and EOC involves the management of resources. Local agencies that respond to an event may not have all the needed resources. In this case, the on-scene agencies contact the County EOC, who in turn works with local, state and federal agencies to locate, secure, and deliver the identified resources.

Public Information

Another important function of the Pitt County EOC during times of activation involves public information. A well informed community is a prepared community. When the Pitt County EOC is activated, several telephone numbers are published for citizens to access public information related to the event.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Pitt County Emergency Management Message Line number is 252-902-3970. The purpose of this information line is to provide a brief update on the event.
  • The EOC Hotline number is 252-902-3999. The purpose of this line is to report event-related information from the community to the EOC that is considered non-life threatening.

State of Emergency

If you watch the news or read a local newspaper, the term “State of Emergency” is often referenced. In Pitt County a State of Emergency can be declared which gives County Government the authority to enact certain North Carolina emergency related general statutes.


In order to ensure proficient operation of all emergency response agencies, training is required. Pitt County Emergency Management coordinates and participates in various emergency/disaster training drills throughout the year.

Being Prepared

  • It is important to remember that during emergency/disasters, all emergency response agencies will be extremely busy, but you can help by being prepared.
  • All emergencies/disasters, regardless of size or complexity, start at the local level and end locally. This means that Pitt County may have numerous agencies assist with an incident, but once it’s over, our community remains faced with the effects of the event.
  • Everyone must truly do their part as individuals and communities to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate future potential impact of such events…neighbors helping neighbors.