Special Medical Needs Voluntary Registry

The Special Medical Needs (SMN) Voluntary Registry is a database containing information about individuals in Pitt County with special medical needs who may require assistance in the event of a disaster. People with special medical needs include individuals who would need assistance with medical or personal care during evacuations and sheltering because of physical or mental impairments. The level of care for these individuals would go beyond the basic first aid care that is available in general public shelters.
Entrance area for Special Needs and caregivers


The SMN Registry is an emergency preparedness tool that can be used by Pitt County for communicating with medically fragile individuals, pre-event emergency planning, and for evacuating and sheltering during a disaster.
  • Participation in the SMN Registry is voluntary and all information will be kept private and confidential.
  • Individuals on the registry can decide to request assistance and/or remain responsible for themselves in the event of a disaster.
  • Even though you are on this registry, you should still call 911 in the event of a life-threatening situation.

In the Event of a Disaster

If there is a disaster, the Special Medical Needs (SMN) registrant can call the Pitt County SMN Command Center at 252-902-3956 and receive information about how to prepare for or respond to the disaster and information regarding medical shelters. Please note that the SMN Command Center is only staffed in the event of a disaster. An announcement will be made to the public via the media. Depending on the event, individuals on the registry can be called to check on their well-being.

Assisting Emergency Personnel

The information can also be used to assist emergency personnel in providing assistance. In addition, SMN registrants are included in Pitt County’s ALERT emergency telephone notification system, which can be activated if there is an immediate need to make contact.

Eligibility Information

Eligible applicants may:
  • Need assistance that cannot be provided by general public shelter staff
  • Have minor health or medical conditions that require observation and/or help
  • Need minimal help with activities of daily living
  • Need medication and vital sign monitoring
  • Have mental health or developmental problems
If you are not sure whether you meet these requirements you are encouraged to register. Do not wait until an evacuation to request being added to the registry.

Assisted Living Facilities

Residents of assisted living facilities or nursing homes are not eligible. These facilities are required to have an emergency evacuation plans for their residents.


To register with Pitt County, please access the Special Medical Needs Voluntary Registry Form (PDF). Complete all sections of this application and return or mail. If more than one person in your household needs assistance during evacuations, each person must complete a separate application.

Notification & Recertification

You will be notified by the Pitt County Emergency Management Office after you submit the application. You will be contacted on an annual basis to recertify your need for this program. It is your responsibility to update your contact information with the Pitt County Emergency Management Office. If we are unable to contact you, you will be removed from the registry.