Medical Shelter Information

Shelters should only be considered as a last resort. If you need to evacuate, you should first seek shelter with friends or relatives. Medical shelters do not offer the same level of care or equipment available at health care facilities. Only basic care and assistance will be available.
Emergency Shelter


A caregiver will need to accompany you and remain with you during your stay in the shelter. The person, who assists in meeting the individual’s needs at home, should be prepared to meet the same needs in the medical shelter.


Only service animals are allowed in medical shelters. If you cannot make other arrangements, pets will be provided shelter elsewhere.

Disaster Kits

You should bring a disaster kit that includes:
  • Bedding
  • Medical equipment
  • Medications and personal supplies
  • Special dietary foods


Plan ahead and be able to bring the following:
  • 3-day supply of clothing.
  • 5-day supply of medical supplies, such as Depends, food supplements, special foods, wound supplies and other essential items labeled with the individual’s name
  • 5-day supply of medication (they must be in their original labeled containers (both prescription and over the counter)
  • Important papers such as Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders, identification, Medicare and Medicaid cards, etc.
  • Mobility aids and medical equipment labeled with the individual’s name
  • Personal items such as blankets, pillows, personal hygiene items, etc.
Planning before an emergency and before going to a medical shelter is necessary:

Making Arrangements

  • Make arrangements for the following:
  • If you are oxygen dependent, with your durable medical equipment company to assure extra canisters or refills as needed.
  • With your home health agency to continue your services while you are in the shelter

Cost & Assistance

You are responsible for any costs associated with medical transportation and/or medical sheltering that are incurred beyond the scope of the emergency event. These costs cannot be assumed by Pitt County or any of the emergency response agencies. Assistance will only be provided for the duration of the emergency and you are responsible for making alternate arrangements if you are unable to return to your home following the emergency.