Leader Board

Goals & Objectives
MIS is committed to continuous improvement. We begin each fiscal year with reviewing client needs and identifying strategic technology and projects which will move the organization forward. The overarching objective for all projects is to improve efficiencies and effectiveness in County operations while enhancing the quality of service. View our Goals and Objectives for more information.

Service Area Descriptions

MIS is organized into functional areas to better define staff's roles and responsibilities. This allows staff to develop core competencies and remain abreast of current trends. A primary value of our department is team work. Resources are allocated as business needs arise with staff partnering to get the job done. An overview of these service areas are included. Service Area Descriptions (PDF)

Customer Service

An important measure of any service organization is client satisfaction. It is important to know from our clients things we are doing well and invariably areas requiring focus for improvements. MIS conducts three types of assessments:  annual review of service delivery, random review of service delivery and specific project and/or training related review.   

Statistical Measures

To ensure appropriate allocation of resources and optimization of service delivery, Management Information Systems (MIS) consistently measures various resource utilization and our responsiveness. These measures help to justify allocation of expenditures and ensure the County is realizing the best return on its investment. The measures also assist in identifying problem areas which might need attention and ensure staff are responding in a timely and efficient manner. Several of the measures are available for your review.  
Number of service requests received and completed in the past year-Breakdown by month of total service requests received and completed in the last year.
Number of service requests per classification
- Breakdown of the types of requests received for the last two months.

Number of service requests per department
- Breakdown of number of requests received from each department for the last two months.

Number of service requests per service area
- Breakdown of number of requests completed by service area for the last two months.