General Health Issues

Indoor Air Quality

The reduction of mold, carbon monoxide and other pollutants play a critical role in improving respiratory and general health. Pitt County Environmental Health does not have regulatory authority over indoor air quality; however there is staff available that can offer suggestions and general information. For advice about indoor air quality, please call 252-902-3206. To read more about indoor air quality, visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website.

Lead Poisoning

The Health Department investigates places where children live, go to school or spend significant amounts of time. Environmental Health Specialists work with families and/or businesses, such as childcare facilities, to reduce the risk of exposure to hazards. Call 252-902-3206 for more information of visit the North Carolina Health and Human Services website.

Migrant Camp Inspections

Migrant camps are inspected to ensure that the wastewater facilities and drinking water supplies are in accordance with the state sanitation rules. The inspection is done prior to occupancy and the proper forms are filled out and mailed to the NC Department of Labor and the Agricultural Safety and Health Bureau who then certify the facility for use. Please call 252-902-3206 for more information.

Bed Bugs

The Pitt County Health Department does not regulate bed bugs. For more information please visit the
North Carolina Department of Agriculture website.