Mosquito Management & Control

Pitt County uses an Integrated Pest Management approach to mosquito control. This method includes: providing prevention education to schools and civic organizations, as well as home and business owners; responding to public requests for assistance to reduce mosquito problems; trapping and identifying mosquito species at various locations around the county; and applying biological and chemical products when needed to kill mosquito populations.
  1. Control Measures

    A variety of control measures are available to reduce mosquito populations including education, source reduction, larvaciding, and adulticiding.

  2. Mosquito Biology

    Mosquitoes have a life cycle that includes four stages of growth.

  3. Mosquito Facts

    The more you know about mosquitoes, the more prepared you can be to fight their spread and prevent disease.

  4. Viruses

    Mosquitoes are capable of spreading a number of viruses called arboviruses or arthropod-borne viruses.