Public Swimming Pools & Spas

Public Swimming Pools and Spas


The 2021 pool season is almost here.  Please read the 2021 Pitt County Pool Operation Permit letter before completing your pool application.  


No public swimming pool may be opened for use unless the owner or operator has obtained an operation permit issued by Pitt County Environmental Health.  Seasonal swimming pools can operate between April 1st and October 31st.  The fee for a seasonal swimming pool permit is $100.  The fee for a year-round swimming pool permit is $200.  A fee is required for each swimming pool in a multi pool complex.   If the pool has amenities within the pool fence, or amenities are accessed through the pool fence, a year-round permit is required.  If the amenities are to be accessible at night, a lighting inspection for night time swimming is required.  For more information read the state guidance document entitled Pool Fence Area Final 2020-2-14.   

Owners who wish to be open for the Memorial Day weekend need to submit their completed application early.

This Department will not schedule inspections the Friday before Memorial Day.

The following documents must be completed before an application can be submitted to our department.  

If you intend to have night swimming, you must fill out the following document and include it with your pool application.  A night time inspection of lighting is required before night swimming can be approved. 

State Guidance Documents

The state has issued several guidance documents that should be reviewed before submitting a swimming pool application.


Review the following resources before submitting your swimming pool application.  

Contact Information

If you have any questions about any of the information above, feel free to contacts us at 252-902-3206.