Pitt Soil & Water Conservation District

The Pitt Soil and Water Conservation District Board and staff has the responsibility of developing and carrying out a comprehensive natural resource conservation program in Pitt County. The District works closely with the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and other cooperating agencies to assist and educate all landowners in proper use of the land.

Our Mission 

It is our mission to provide the highest quality service to all Pitt County citizens concerning the conservation of our natural resources through technical excellence,education, and teamwork.

The People We Serve

We serve the Pitt County Community to alleviate natural resource problems that citizens face and enhance the protection of our natural resources through environmental awareness. Our clients consist of farmers, landowners, students/ educators, county and municipal governments, land consultants, and homeowners.


Planning departments from various municipalities in the county rely on the staff to review and comment on site plans and sedimentation and erosion plans. Homeowners who are currently experiencing drainage problems call upon the technical staff to visit their site for possible solutions. Also, potential home and land buyers call upon the staff to assess the property for possible or existing drainage problems.


The Pitt Soil and Water District, along with NRCS, provides and administers cost share programs for local agricultural and urban communities to implement best management practices on their land to improve water quality and production.


A strong environmental education program is provided to the citizens of Pitt County to inform all ages of the need for protecting our natural resources. Environmental Field Days, contests, and other activities are sponsored throughout the year for students within the County.