1. Annual Reports

    Access the Annual Reports of the Planning and Development Department.

  2. Community Development

    Pitt County Community Development, a division of the Planning Department, offers programs that rebuild and repair homes for lower-income citizens.

  3. Development Review

    The Pitt County Development Ordinances, especially the Subdivision, Manufactured Home Park, and Multifamily Ordinances, require the submittal of plats or plans to the Planning Department for review.

  4. Environmental Planning

    See the various ways in which Pitt County works to maintain a healthy and safe environment and landscape.

  5. Land Use Planning

    Find out more about the land use plans in Pitt County.

  6. Recreation Planning

    Pitt County offers several recreational areas that are maintained by the Planning and Development Department.

  7. Transportation Planning

    Access informational documents and resources regarding the department's role in County transportation.