Manufactured Home Park Review Process

The Pitt County Development Ordinances, especially the Subdivision, Manufactured Home Park, and Multifamily Ordinances, require the submittal of plats or plans to the Planning Department for review.


The ordinances provide minimum guidelines that must be addressed by the developer to ensure that the public health, safety, and welfare are adequately protected. The Department's review of the plats or plans ensures that each proposed development meets the specific standards outlined in the appropriate ordinance.
A mobile home sits on a plot of land

Types of Manufactured Home Parks

  • Minor Manufactured Home Parks - 4 spaces or less with no new street(s).
  • Major Manufactured Home Parks - All others
  1. Preliminary Plan - Minor
  2. Preliminary Plan - Major
  3. Construction Plan - Major
  4. As-Built Plan

Preliminary Plat Procedure for Minor Manufactured Home Parks

  1. Submit 5 copies of Preliminary Plat to Pitt County Planning Department along with appropriate fee and preliminary plat application (PDF).
  2. Preliminary Plat is reviewed by Planning staff for compliance with the Manufactured Home Park Ordinance regulations.
  3. Preliminary Plat copies are transmitted to the applicable reviewing and regulatory agencies such as:
    • Natural Resources Conservation Service
    • North Carolina Department of Transportation
    • Pitt County Emergency Services Department
    • Pitt County Engineering Department
    • Pitt County Environmental Health Division
    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • U.S. Postal Service
    • Utility Providers
  4. Preliminary Plat is acted upon by Planning staff as approved, conditionally approved, or disapproved. Comments, requirements, and recommendations from Planning staff and review agencies are compiled into a list and forwarded to the developer and surveyor/engineer as part of a conditional approval.
  5. If conditionally approved, developer may proceed with As-Built Plan Procedure.