North Carolina: Moving Ahead Initiative

The North Carolina: Moving Ahead! initiative is a major transportation program that was announced by Governor Easley on February 19, 2003.


The goal of the program is to improve safety and mobility of the State's highways. It focuses on smaller projects which can be completed quickly and will require minimal environmental review. $700 million has been made available from the Highway Trust Fund to fund the Moving Ahead! Program.

Project Outcomes

Projects selected for funding through this program should serve to:
  • Enhance safety
  • Extend pavement life of roads
  • Improve horizontal and vertical alignments
  • Provide Adequate drainage
  • Provide smooth pavements
  • Reduce accidents
  • Reduce congestion
  • Reduce fatal crashes
  • Rehabilitate or replace deficient bridges
  • Upgrade pavement widths and shoulders

Projects to Be Funded

In April, 2003, NCDOT Secretary Lyndo Tippett requested that Pitt County identify potential projects to be funded by the new program. Pitt County submitted several potential projects based on eligibility requirements which were currently listed in the Pitt County Thoroughfare Plan and/or identified through input by the Board of County Commissioners, local NCDOT officials and the general public. A listing of Division 2 funded projects (PDF), which includes Pitt County, is available to view.