Rural Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC)

The Rural Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC) serves as the decision-making body for the RPO.


It is comprised of one County Commissioner from each County, one elected official from each municipality, one member from the North Carolina Board of Transportation, the Division Administrator from the Federal Highway Administration, or his representative, which will serve as an advisory and non-voting member, and the Chairman of the Greenville Urban Area MPO, as ex officio.


The RTAC is responsible for carrying out the following:
  • Establishment of goals, priorities, and objectives for the rural transportation planning process
  • Provide guidance on transportation goals and objectives
  • Review and approval of the area's Rural Transportation Improvement Plan which ensures coordination between local and state governments
  • Review and approval of changes to the adopted RPOs Long-Range Transportation Plan
  • Review and approval of the Planning Work Program
  • Review of the National Highway System, review the Functional Classification Designation (as it pertains to the Surface Transportation Program) and review and approval of the Rural Planning Boundary