Rural Technical Coordinating Committee (RTCC)


  • The Rural Technical Coordinating Committee (RTCC) is responsible for supervision, guidance, and coordination of the transportation planning process for the RPO and for making staff-level recommendations to the respective local, state, and federal government agencies and the RTAC regarding any actions relating to continuing the transportation planning process.
  • The RTCC shall be responsible for the review of the National Highway System and for the development, review, and recommendation for approval of the:
    • Functional Classification Designation
    • Planning Work Program
    • RPO revisions
    • Technical reports of the transportation study
    • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Membership of the RTCC consists of, but is not limited to key staff from the following:
  • Counties
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Mid-East Commission/Region Q Council of Government
  • Municipalities
  • Transit operators
It is also comprised of the Pitt County Manager and Planning Director and makes staff level recommendations to the RTAC.