Agricultural Land Use Plan


The Agricultural Land Use (ALU) Plan is to inventory the history, crops and farming practices of the agricultural community in Pitt County. Information compiled in this plan will provide guidance for future trends in agriculture and its contributions to the citizens and economy. Additional support and recognition to agriculture can be gained by proper planning and development of programs that address the need for agricultural commodities and protection of the natural resources used for production.

Future Planning

This plan recognizes the needed planning for the future of agriculture in Pitt County. By identifying that over 1,400 acres of farm/forest land has been incorporated by municipalities and that farm/forest land acreage has been greatly decreased, measures need to be taken to protect this economic and heritable resource.

More Information

For more information, visit the Pitt County Soil and Water Conservation website and view the Voluntary Agricultural District Ordinance (PDF). If you have questions or comments regarding the Pitt County Agricultural Land Use Plan, call PJ Andrews, Conservation Director at 252-902-1746.