Drainage Management

Perpetual Drainage Maintenance Study Committee

The Pitt County Perpetual Drainage Maintenance Study Committee was organized in January 2001. This Committee consisted of eleven (11) members representing interested landowners, developers, local government officials, the Pitt County Planning Board, and other various state and federal agencies and was approved by the County Commissioners on December 18, 2000.


The Commissioners established the committee to assess current drainage problems and propose methods for financing and performing necessary drainage improvements. In addition, the committee researched effective methods for maintaining drainage ditches and other waterways. After holding several meetings, the committee determined that a major contributor to drainage problems were beavers. Therefore, beaver maintenance became the committee's focus through the last half of 2001.

Current Status

The Perpetual Drainage Maintenance Study Committee is currently inactive. However, Pitt County is actively participating in the Beaver Management Assistance Program.
Water overflow as a result of beaver activity
This photo shows the result of beaver activity. Beavers have blocked the culvert under this thoroughfare, causing major flooding.
The Beaver Management Oversight Committee Field Trip - December 9, 2003

Beaver Management Assistance Program

Pitt County Planning staff with assistance from the Pitt County Perpetual Drainage Maintenance Study Committee researched beaver activity and damage control techniques in the county. Staff also participated in numerous beaver management excursions with professional beaver trappers.

Beaver Management Report

After much research by the Committee, a draft Beaver Management Report was developed. This Report included recommendations to contract with the U.S. Department of Agriculture for an expanded Beaver Management Assistance Program for a six-month period (January 2002 through June 2002). It also established an oversight committee to direct employees' efforts to areas of most critical need.

Program Expansion

On November 5, 2001, the Board of Commissioners approved the establishment of the expanded program and agreed to allow the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide beaver management services for an interim period. Pitt County continues to contract with the USDA to provide beaver management services.

Debris Removal & Steambank Stabilization

The Debris Removal (Snagging) project began in 2000 in response to the increased storm-related debris within the County's tributaries and continued through the first half of 2001. The NC. Emergency Watershed Protection Program funded this project in April 2000, while Planning staff and the Natural Resources Conservation Service provided technical assistance.

Tar River Drainage Snagging Project

On January 11, 2001, the Tar River drainage snagging project began, followed by the Neuse River drainage project in March. The Tar River and Neuse River projects were the final snagging projects scheduled for the County. Overall, debris was removed from a total of 55 miles of drainageways. This project is complete and nothing is expected to follow.