Comprehensive Watershed Plan Purpose

Until recently, the County and local municipalities had few stormwater management measures in place. The County and the City of Greenville acted proactively when implementing the Tar-Pamlico stormwater requirements to include the Neuse watershed.


Since 2004, the County had implemented:
  • The Pitt County Stormwater Ordinance (2004)
  • A Stormwater Program Document (2004)
  • Developed stormwater reports
  • The Pitt County Riparian Buffer Protection Ordinance (effective 2007)
  • The Greenway Plan (2006)
  • Updates to the Pitt County Zoning Ordinance (2006) to assist in stormwater control

Determining Needs

With the implementation of these new regulations, it is necessary to determine current stormwater control needs before future development takes place. The stormwater management measures in this proposal are targeted at managing current stormwater impacts and preventing future impacts. They will enhance and protect the less-impacted reaches and work towards removing Swift Creek from the 303(d) list. In addition, managing stormwater now will help to mitigate future flood impacts while giving the County a head start on responding to anticipated regulations, such as National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II stormwater requirements.


The project will achieve its goals through a series of concurrent efforts.
  • The stormwater conveyance system investigation will identify existing infrastructure problems and provide a basis to direct and prioritize management efforts and additional assessment.
  • Monitoring of benthic macroinvertebrate communities will lead to a better understanding of the causes and sources of the impairment.
  • The identification of potential stormwater BMP sites will provide the County and project partners with a framework for future stormwater management activities and strengthen grant proposals to help fund BMP construction.


The outcomes of this project will include:
  • Benthic macroinvertebrate monitoring
  • Development of criteria to assess current and future BMP needs
  • Educational workshops
  • Identification of existing infrastructure problems
  • Riparian protection and stream enhancement sites
  • Subwatershed characterization
  • A watershed management plan
  • A weighted list of BMP projects

Project Team & Participants

This project is a collaborative effort to improve stormwater management in the upper Swift Creek watershed. The project team includes resource professionals and agency staff from eleven area organizations. In addition to Pitt County, project participants contributing matching funds in cash and/or in-kind services include the City of Greenville, the Town of Winterville, the Town of Ayden, Pitt County Drainage Districts 3 and 7, Mid-East RC&D Council, USDA-NRCS, and Pitt County Soil and Water District. Also, representatives from NCDOT, East Carolina University, and Pitt Community College are expected to attend project meetings and may contribute volunteer time or facility resources. Together, these participants form a strong, committed team to address water quality issues in the watershed.