Emorywood Subdivision Drainage Improvements

In June, 2006, Pitt County and Mid-East Resource Conservation and Development applied for a Water Resources Development grant to assist residents living in Emorywood Subdivision.


This subdivision has experienced septic failures due to a high water table, which is compounded by clogged drainage outlets. The grant sought to improve the outlet ditch and lower the water table in the subdivision to provide relief to the property owners.

Location & Area

The site is located on U.S. Highway 13, west of its intersection with Idlewild Drive between Greenville and Farmville. The site is bounded on the northeast by existing residential homes, on the southeast by Gum Swamp Canal, on the southwest by an agricultural field owned by Hubert W Garris and wife, Jean J. Garris, and on the northwest by U.S. Highway 13.

Project Timeline

  • The grant was awarded in October 2006.
  • In January 2008, survey work began on the property. The purpose of the surveying was to identify the shared property line of Emorywood Subdivision and the Garris property and to establish the existing elevations along the ditch.
Outlet ditch prior to construction
This picture shows the outlet ditch prior to construction. The ditch runs between Emorywood Subdivision and an agricultural field.
Outlet ditch following the construction
This picture shows the outlet ditch following the construction. 
  • Once the surveying work was complete, engineers established the new elevations for the ditch to ensure proper flow of the stormwater.
  • Construction began in June, 2008, to improve the outlet ditch. The improvements consisted of re-grading an existing open channel ditch to provide better drainage outlet for the adjacent property owners.

Phase Two

Phase two of the project will consist of regrading three existing ditches which tie the interior roadside ditches to the main outlet ditch. It is anticipated that this phase will be completed no later than November, 2008.