Tax Foreclosures for Sale

The properties listed are scheduled for sale at the next Pitt County Tax Foreclosure Auction, due to unpaid property taxes. Each Tax Foreclosure Auction takes place on the Third Street steps of the Pitt County Courthouse in uptown Greenville, NC, rain or shine. 

Pitt County has NO Tax Foreclosures scheduled at this time.

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Sale Process

This is a list of properties subject to sale in the Pitt County Tax Foreclosure program. If you are interested in purchasing one of the properties listed, you must attend the auction at the Courthouse. For more information contact Lorie English in the Pitt County Tax Collector's Office.

This is a buyer beware sale. All sales are final. We offer the properties on a 'where is' and 'as is' basis. The county makes no representation of warranty, express or implied. It is the buyer's responsibility to investigate the property prior to bidding.

Anyone considering buying property at a tax foreclosure sale should be aware that there is a risk. The County does not guarantee or provide any warranty.

Properties will be sold by legal description and the County parcel identification number.

Pursuant to state law, when bidding at a public sale, bidders become personally liable and responsible for their bids.

It is up to the bidder to know exactly what they are bidding on. The County will not overturn a sale and refund the purchase price or deposit because a bidder did not know what they were bidding on.

Winning Bids / Deposit

All bidders must be prepared to pay a 10% deposit immediately upon the conclusion of the auction by cash, certified bank check, bank cashier's check or money order. Personal checks will not be accepted. If the successful bidder fails to produce payment immediately upon the conclusion of the auction, the property shall be immediately re-auctioned.

Pitt County does not offer financing.

Failed Bids

If a bidder fails to follow through with their winning bid, the bidder will forfeit the deposit and the property will be resold. If the next bid is less than the original winning bid, a default judgment will be entered against the defaulting bidder for the loss. At the discretion of the Sheriff, defaulting bidders may be barred from making subsequent bids at any foreclosure sale conducted by Pitt County.

Upset Bids

Following the auction, there is a standard ten (10) day period in which the property owner may pay all delinquent taxes to cancel the sale, or the bid may be upset by a higher bid. The minimum upset bid must exceed the sale price by 5%, but in any event the increase must be at least $750 over the sale price. Upset bids are paid to the Civil Department of the Clerk of Court, Pitt County Courthouse, prior to the ten (10) day deadline.

Upset bids do not assure the sale of the property to the upset bidder. Upset bids will be accepted on a rolling basis and the property will be sold to the highest upset bidder.

Bids accepted at auction and upset during the ten (10) day period must be paid in full to the Sheriff with ten (10) days after the upset bid deadline.

Note: All properties are sold in 'as is' condition. Interested parties are encouraged to research all properties thoroughly prior to sale and before bidding on a property.