Greenway Plan 2025

About Greenways

  • Greenways are linear corridors of open space and land that are either natural, such as along rivers and streams, or human-made, such as abandoned railways and utility corridors.
  • Greenway corridors can range from undeveloped areas of land to areas that include paved or unpaved trails.
  • They can provide vegetated buffers to protect natural habitat, improve water quality and reduce the impacts of flooding in high-risk areas.
  • They allow public access for recreation or bicycle and pedestrian transportation, nature trails, horse riding trails or large areas of preserved natural habitat.
  • Greenways offer a pleasant, healthy and safe alternative for driving to local schools, parks, libraries, stores or other places that people visit on a regular basis and improve the overall quality of life in an area.
Greenway area surrounded by trees next to the water

Purpose & Goals

The Pitt County Comprehensive Land Use Plan of 2002 included a goal for the establishment of greenways in the County and provided the impetus for the development of this Plan. The Pitt County Greenway Plan is intended to serve as a guide for the establishment of a countywide network of greenways and trails. This plan is the first greenway plan for Pitt County and it recommends the formation of approximately 96 linear miles of greenway network primarily along some of the major, critical streams and rivers in the County. The rationale of the greenway system is to link people to the County's natural, recreational, cultural and commercial resources.

The Vision

The Vision was taken from the Draft Plan submitted in December, 2004.
  • Provide a safe, attractive, and a multi-use corridor linking parks, natural reserves, cultural features, historical sites, and populated areas.
  • Build a greenway that will protect open space and critical natural habitat areas.
  • Provide a safe, attractive, and accessible route for walking, running, biking, and hiking that will increase opportunities for exercise and alternatives for circulation.
  • Increase environmental educational opportunities for school and residents by identifying natural plant habitats, animal habitats, and wetlands.
  • Increase recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to our County.
  • To improve long-term sustainability of Pitt County.
  • To promote economic development and tourism in Pitt County.


The Pitt County Greenways Plan was adopted by the Pitt County Board of Commissioners at their February 20th, 2006 meeting. The plan was a joint effort between the Pitt County Planning Department and the East Carolina University Planning Program. The plan will utilize the nearly 215 linear miles of trails, mostly along creeks and streams, for recreational use, open space conservation, and some urban uses.