Information for Contractors & Applicants

Contractor's Bid Packets

Area contractors are invited to place their company on our mailing list to receive regular mailings of our rehabilitation bid packets. All contractors must be registered. Request to be added to our mailing list by emailing us.

Information Session (by Invitation Only)

This is a mandatory meeting that must be attended if you want to be considered for any of the offered programs. To be placed on the mailing list, you must call 252-902-3250. Once your name is on the waiting list, we will send you information regarding the time, date, and place of the next information session. This meeting usually occurs later in the summer and lasts between one and two hours. Two sessions will be held in an attempt to accommodate everyone. If you do not come, you will not be considered for any of the programs.

Required Information

The following must be submitted with your application by September 1st:
  • Budget Analysis - We do this with you to see where you spend your money
  • Copy of your Deed - This shows ownership, a life estate is acceptable as well
  • Credit Report - We do this for you, but your approval is needed
  • Mortgage Information (if your home is mortgaged)
  • Proof of Income - This includes: Social Security benefits, disability, or pay stubs
  • Social Security Card and Drivers License


The guidelines for the CDBG, NCHFA-SFR, NCHFA-URP and the USDA 504 grants are strict, and the stipulations must be followed and adhered to. They are as follows:
  • Property must have one or more substandard conditions, while remaining suitable for rehabilitation. A property may be considered unsuitable for rehabilitation if it is dilapidated or deteriorated beyond feasible economic repair.
  • The applicant must have homeowner’s insurance prior to and during the life of the Deed of Trust.
  • The owner(s) must be current on all mortgages and taxes, and not have collections, liens, judgments, or judgments from IRS, State of NC, or Pitt County.
  • The lien placed on the home requires that the applicant must live in the home as a primary residence for at least eight to ten years. As long as the grantee adheres to the lien conditions, none of the grant monies have to be repaid. In the event of default on the Deed of Trust or sale of the home, a prorated amount of the grant must be repaid. Also, only low-income relatives may reside with the applicant.