Obtaining a Building Permit

Work Requiring a Permit

Permits are required for the following:
  • Building a structure from the ground up
  • Completing unfinished space in an existing structure
  • Constructing a sign
  • Creating an addition
  • Placing a modular home on the property
  • Placing a pre-constructed building on your property

Mobile Home

If you are placing a mobile home on a site, please see our Placing a Mobile Home page.

Required Information

You may need some or all of the following information depending on certain situations.

Septic System Service

If your property is served by a septic system, you must:
  • Have your Improvement Permit and
  • Have your approved Authorization to Construct Permit

Zoning Permits

Zoning permit from Pitt County or zoning compliance/permit from appropriate municipality are required If the property is in the city limits or extra-territorial jurisdiction of a municipality other than Farmville, Winterville or Greenville. You must obtain an original Zoning Compliance Certificate. (Note: Farmville, Winterville and Greenville issue their own building permits; however, if your property is served by a septic system, you must still have a valid Improvement Permit and an approved Authorization to Construct Permit

Flood Plain

If the property is in the flood plain, you must have a Flood Development Permit.

Other Requirements

Along with the situational information, you will need the following:
  • Owner's Name, Address, Home Phone, Work Phone
  • Property Address
  • Utility Providers
  • Number of Bedrooms (if Residential)
  • Heated and Unheated Square Footage
  • Building Material
  • Roofing Material
  • 2 copies of your building plan, including the foundation plan, wall plan and floor plan

Missing Information

Please note that plans will not be taken for review if any of the required documents are missing.

Building Permit Process

  1. Plans are submitted for review
    • If plans are approved, you can obtain your building permit.
    • If plans are disapproved, you will be notified of the problems that exist.
    • If plans are for a commercial structure, the plans are submitted to the Fire Marshall's Office for review
  2. Upon completion of plan review, you will be contacted.