Placing a Mobile Home

To place a manufactured home on a lot in Pitt County, a Manufactured Home Set-Up Permit must be obtained. If a licensed set-up contractor is contracted to set-up the home, then he or she must obtain the permit.


Prior to issuance of a Manufactured Home Set-up Permit, the following must be obtained:
  • If the property is served by a septic system, you must first obtain an Improvement Permit and an Approved Authorization To Construct Permit or a Certificate of Authorization to Locate or Relocate a Manufactured Home in a Mobile Home Park.
  • Zoning Compliance Certificate (if the property is in the city limits or extra-territorial jurisdiction of a municipality other than Farmville, Winterville or Greenville) an original Zoning Compliance Certificate must be obtained (Farmville, Winterville and Greenville issue their own Manufactured Home Set-Up Permits.)
  • If the property is in the flood plain, you must have a Flood Development Permit.
  • A Moving Permit must be obtained if the home is to be moved along the roadways within Pitt County. You will need to obtain the Moving Permit from the Tax Collector's Office in the county where the home is currently located. If any taxes are owed on the home, the Tax Office will require their payment prior to issuance of a Moving Permit. New manufactured homes purchased from a manufactured home dealer will not need to obtain a Moving Permit.

Additional Permits

Additional permits that may be required for the set-up of a manufactured home are:
  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing

Required Information

You will also need the following information:
  • Homeowner's Name, Address, Home Phone, Work Phone
  • Property Address
  • Name and License Number of Set-Up Contractor
  • Utility Providers
  • Year, Make and Size of manufactured home
  • VIN Number of manufactured home
  • Number of bedrooms