Improvement Permit Process

Improvement Permits are often required for the following work:
  • Changing the use of the septic system (e.g., changing a store to a church or a house to a daycare)
  • Increasing the footprint of an existing structure on a property
  • Increasing the number of bedrooms in an existing residence
  • Increasing the number of employees in an existing business
  • Placing a new structure on a property (house, mobile home, storage building, swimming pool)

Required Information

The following is required to obtain an improvement permit:
  • Property Owner’s Name, Address, Contact Phone Number
  • Tax Parcel Number
  • Directions to Property
  • Subdivision Name and Lot Number (if applicable)
  • Mobile Home Park Name, Lot Number and Address (if applicable)

Required Actions

Upon application for an Improvement Permit, you will be requested to do some or all of the following:
  • Mark Lot Corners (up to 1 acre)
  • Post Sign (provided by Permitting Center)
  • Uncover Portion of Septic Tank Lid

Authorization to Construct Permit

Upon issuance of an Improvement Permit, an Authorization to Construct Permit may be required.
If so, a plot plan must be submitted showing the following:
  • Distance from Property Lines and Road
  • Length and Width of Structure
  • Outline of Property
  • Outline of Structure (include any porches, decks or garages)
Plot plans may be drawn by the applicant or by a surveyor (if required). Upon receipt, they will be reviewed by an Environmental Health Specialist for approval and issuance of an Authorization to Construct Permit.