Work Not Requiring A Permit

The following projects do not require a permit:
  • Asphalt or gravel driveways
  • Awnings (wall mounted only)
  • Exterior work under $15000 - Non Structural Only
  • Interior work under $15000 - Non Structural Only
  • Non-residential farm buildings. Owner must be farmer by trade.
  • Non-structural slab (no footers for future building construction)
  • Painting private residences
  • Pasture/wire mesh fencing on acreage
  • Residential carpeting and/or painting
  • Sidewalk which is not covered
  • Split rail fence
A wooden fence sits on one side of a group of pine trees

More Information

The list above is a sample of work items not requiring a permit. If you are unsure whether your planned activities require permits, please contact our office at 252-902-3150.