Collaborative Programs

  1. ARISE (A Real Integrated Sports Experience)

    ARISE is designed to provide persons with and without disabilities the opportunity to participate in a variety of unique sports, fitness, and recreational activities.

  2. America’s Promise - Pitt Alliance for Youth

    The Pitt Alliance for Youth (PAY) was formed as a community coalition to work towards the goal of seeing that every youth has access to the five Fundamental Resources for Youth.

  3. Community Pops

    The Community Pops Singers is a community choral group comprised of all ages and all levels of musical abilities.

  4. Eat Smart Move More

    Eat Smart Move More North Carolina is a statewide movement that encourages healthy eating and physical activity wherever people live, learn, work, play and pray.

  5. Senior Games

    Community Schools and Recreation is the lead agency for Greenville-Pitt County Senior Games.

  6. Special Olympics

    Community Schools and Recreation is a coordinating agency for Special Olympics Pitt County with over 1200 athletes. Special Olympics Pitt County is a part of SONC which serves more than 37,000 athletes who have intellectual disabilities.

  7. Tar River Community Band

    The Tar River Community Band is comprised of doctors, lawyers, scientist, college professors, housewives, retirees and many other varied occupations of all ages over 18 years, and all levels of musical ability. Formed in 1978, members perform as often as they can for their own enjoyment and the joy of entertaining others.