Transfer Station

To view a list of all materials accepted for recycling, CLICK HERE.

Pitt County closed the landfill in 1995 and now the facility operates as a transfer station, transferring the waste to the Bertie County landfill.


The Pitt County Transfer Station is responsible for the proper processing and disposal of solid waste generated in Pitt County. The mission is to operate in a cost effective manner that also minimizes the degradation of our environment.

Setting Up an Account

To set up a credit account at the Transfer Station, download the application (PDF).


Service Fee
Household / Residential Waste No Charge
Commercial / NON Residential Waste $50.00 / ton
Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris $45.00 / ton
Concrete, Block, Brick, Asphalt* $11.00 / ton
Wood* $26.00 / ton
Pallets* $26.00 / ton
Shingles* $10.00 / ton
*CLEAN loads only! Mixed material loads are Commercial or C&D fee.