Education & Special Events


The Pitt County Recycling Coordinator works closely with schools to set up in-house recycling programs and educate all grade levels about the importance of the three Rs.

Classroom Presentations

Pitt County Recycling Coordinator Paula Clark conducts classroom presentations about recycling and other environmental issues. Through these presentations, students can come to understand the problems associated with solid waste and how they can contribute to environmental solutions.

Club Presentations

Presentations are not limited to classrooms. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Civic groups, clubs, summer programs/camps can all be scheduled for a presentation as well.

Schedule a Presentation or Tour

Contact Paula at 252-902-3353 or email her to schedule your group for the presentations or if your group would like to tour the Transfer Station and get an up close look at how we handle waste in our County.

Special Events

Pitt County Solid Waste and Recycling hosts several events throughout the year Pitt County Solid Waste and Recycling hosts several events throughout the year to promote and encourage recycling and good environmental stewardship in our community.

Big Sweep

Big Sweep is a non-profit organization that organizes volunteers in all 100 counties to clean up the waterways. 
Big Sweep is a great community service opportunity for individuals, scout troops, schools, and civic groups. Volunteer the first Saturday in October and make a difference in our County. The coordinator for the event in Pitt County is Paula Clark. If you or your group would like to volunteer for Big Sweep, please contact her at 252-902-3353 or send her an email.