The mission of the Pitt County Department of Social Services is to enable the achievement of self support and self sufficiency. It is our aim to prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable citizens, but if necessary, we intervene to provide protection. We will strive to help those families who are dependent on public assistance benefits to find employment and obtain child support.


Our commitment is to each individual or family we serve. We focus on each person or family individually. We will respond in a respectful, confidential, efficient and compassionate manner. We aim to offer promptly available benefits and timely services.

We Recognize

We recognize the worth and dignity of each person or family we come into contact with, and we recognize the diversity of the different cultures which make up the Pitt County Community.

Department Overview

Pitt County Department of Social Services is a multi-program/human services organization which is mandated by Federal and State Law to provide assistance and counseling to citizens of Pitt County who qualify for these services. Programs range from health care, food assistance, and emergency assistance. The Department strives to protect the elderly and children.