Real Property

Online Parcel Information System (OPIS)

OPIS is an internet-based computer application that makes it possible for you to explore Pitt County in a geospatial environment. OPIS creates maps that include the features you select properties and display maps and information on your computer screen. OPIS allows you to choose from various layers of map data maintained on the County's Geographic Information System (GIS) as you research specific land parcel information in Pitt County. The features of OPIS allow you to locate a parcel of land by searching for the owner's name, the parcel number, or the parcels street address. You can then print a copy of the map and parcel information for your records. OPIS can also display Fire or Rescue Districts for properties, whether or not a property is located in the floodplain, or if it is in the city limits of a municipality.

 Past tax bills and sales information can now be found in OPIS! For details, please read our instructional Flyer or the Research Flyer.

Reappraisal Information

In accordance with N.C.G.S. 105-286, Pitt County will conduct a countywide reappraisal of real property effective as of January 1, 2024. North Carolina General Statute 105-283 requires that all property be valued at its "true value" in money. "True Value" shall be interpreted as meaning "Market Value", as of the date of the last reappraisal. Please review the Pitt County Revaluation Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) which should answer many questions about the process. Pitt County's next reappraisal of real property will have an effective date as of January 1, 2024.