Departments P - Z

  1. Pitt Area Transit (PATS)

    The mission of Pitt Area Transit System (PATS) is to provide safe, reliable, cost effective transportation that enables eligible individuals to access necessary medical care and other essential resources that improve and enhance their quality of life.

  2. Pitt Soil & Water Conservation District

    The Pitt Soil and Water Conservation District Board and staff has the responsibility of developing and carrying out a comprehensive natural resource conservation program in Pitt County.

  3. Planning & Development

    The Planning Department develops and implements plans and policies related to land development to strengthen the long-term sustainability of Pitt County.

  4. Public Health

    The mission of the Pitt County Health Department is to protect, promote, and assure the health of all people in Pitt County.

  5. Public Information Office

    The Director of Public Information and Media Relations serves as a communications liaison between the media, the County staff, elected officials, and the public in order to facilitate the timely dissemination of information about programs, services, and activities.

  6. Register of Deeds

    This office records land documents and serves as the custodian of certificates of births, deaths, and marriages occurring in the County.

  7. Sheriff's Office

    The Pitt County Sheriff's Office is responsible for enforcing criminal and civil law County-wide, maintaining order in the courts, and operation of the County Jail.

  8. Social Services

    Our purpose is to enable individuals to function at their maximum capacity, to become self-sufficient, to improve their standard of living, to learn to cope adequately with their problems, and to provide preventive services that will avoid family breakup and enable individuals to remain in their own homes.

  9. Solid Waste & Recycling

    Pitt County operates 14 Collection and Recycling Centers in the unincorporated areas of the County which may be used by any citizen to dispose of residential waste and recycle their recyclables.

  10. Tax Administration

    Find out about the Tax Administration Department including information about the two divisions of the department.

  11. Veteran Services

    The mission of the Veteran Services Department is to assist veterans and their dependents with applying for and coordinating benefits they are eligible to receive. These benefits include: burial, compensation, education, home improvements and loans, life and health insurance, medical, pension, rehabilitation, and others.