The PITTworks Project

The PITTworks Project helps people to get jobs, and to get training that will help them get jobs. 

PITTworks is a joint initiative of the Pitt County Department of Social Services, Pitt Community College, the Pitt County NCWorks Career Center, and other partners.

PITTworks builds career "pipelines" to help job seekers get where they want to go. The goal is to help people find employment and training opportunities that fit their preferences, capabilities, and needs.
Click on Join the Project to see whether you qualify for this free program. Check the list below to see upcoming job readiness classes, career fairs, application deadlines, and other important events.
Click on an event to get details, and phone numbers for the event sponsors. Please call at least a day before in order to confirm that the event is still scheduled, and to let the sponsor know that you plan to attend.

In addition to the other events and classes listed below, Pitt Community offers an excellent series of short courses through its Human Resources Development program. These courses are free for many people, including people who are unemployed or who have low incomes, and they do not require students to be enrolled in PCC. But it is important to contact PCC at 252-493-7551 or to register.

To learn more about these classes and see a current schedule, please click here. Below is a brief video that describes the Human Resources Development classes more fully.
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