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For years, most people began their job searches by looking at the classified ads in the local newspaper. Today they usually go online. Click here for some advice on how to look for jobs online — and how to avoid some common mistakes.

But here's the most important advice: Don't rely completely on websites to find job opportunities. Talk about your job search with other people, including family, friends, people you went to school with, people you used to work with — anyone who might know about jobs that are available, or that might be about to become available.  

This is called networking. It will increase your chances of finding a job sooner rather than later. You may be surprised at how many people can give you good tips, and how happy they are to do it.

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  1. Local Employer Websites
  2. Multi-Employer Websites
Most of the larger employers in Pitt County recruit employees through their websites. All of their websites offer information that is useful for job seekers.

Here are some links to the websites of employers located in and around Pitt County. Each listing includes the community in which most of the employer's jobs are located, the employer's product or service, and the approximate number of employees. 

Most of the links below will take you directly to job postings. For employers that do not recruit through their websites, the links will take you to the employers' home pages. 

P.S. Please keep in mind that links are often changed. If a link no longer leads to an employer's website, please let us know! 
AccuLink: Greenville; commercial printing & binding; about 50 employees.
Alliance One International: Farmville; tobacco Processing; about 850 employees.
Ambleside, Inc.: Snow Hill; healthcare; about 60 employees. 
Argan, Inc. (The Roberts Company): Winterville; metal fabrication; about 650 employees.

Attindas Hygiene Partners: Greenville; paper products; about 300 employees.

Bojangles: Greenville; restaurants; about 500 employees. 
Carolina Classics: Ayden; catfish processing; about 120 employees. 
CMI Plastics, Inc.: Ayden; plastics thermoforming; about 60 employees. 
Coastal AgroBusiness: Greenville; pesticides; about 150 employees. 
Concentrix: Greenville; customer service center; about 530 employees. 
Cooke Communications / Daily Reflector: Greenville; printing / newspaper; about 180 employees. 
DSM Dyneema: Greenville; chemicals; about 350 employees.  
East Carolina University: Greenville; education; about 5560 employees. 
Eastern Carolina Vocational Center: Greenville; picture frames & battery terminals; about 190 employees.  
Executive Personnel: Greenville; temporary staffing; about 50 employees. 
Food Lion: Greenville; grocery stores; about 700 employees. 
Grady-White Boats: Greenville; fiberglass boats ; about 200 employees.  
Greene County Government: Snow Hill; local government; about 150 employees. 
Greene County Health Care: Snow Hill; healthcare; about 80 employees. 
Greene County Public Schools: Snow Hill; education; about 300 employees. 
Greenville City Government: Greenville; local government; about 760 employees. 
Greenville Utilities Commission: Greenville; public utilities; about 420 employees. 
Ham Produce (aka Ham Farms): Snow Hill; food processing; about 150 employees. 
The Hammock Source: Greenville; canvas products; about 150 employees.

Harris Teeter: Greenville; grocery stores; about 300 employees. 
Hexacomb / PCA: Farmville; honeycomb structural panels; about 50 employees. 
Holden Temporaries: Greenville; temporary staffing; about 50 employees. 
Hyster-Yale (formerly NACCO Materials Handling): Greenville; lift trucks; about 1000 employees. 
Jack A. Farrior Steel Works: Farmville; metal fabrication; about 60 employees. 
Manpower: Greenville; temporary staffing; about 60 employees. 
Megaforce: Greenville; temporary staffing; about 50 employees. 
Mestek (formerly Sterling Radiator): Farmville; gas & steam unit heaters; about 170 employees. 
Metallix: Greenville; precious metals refining; about 70 employees. 
Metrics Contract Services: Greenville; pharmaceuticals; about 300 employees. 
North Carolina State Government: Greenville; government; about 800 employees. 
Nease Staffing: Greenville; temporary staffing; about 75 employees. 
NWL Capacitors: Snow Hill; electrical components; about 60 employees. 
Package Craft: Bethel; corrugated containers; about 40 employees. 
Parrott Canvas: Greenville; canvas products; about 40 employees. 
Physicians East: Greenville; healthcare; about 540 employees. 
Pitt Community College: Greenville; education; about 950 employees. 
Pitt County Government: Greenville; local government; about 910 employees. 
Pitt County Schools: Greenville; education; about 2810 employees. 
Roebuck Staffing: Greenville; temporary staffing; about 75 employees. 
Thermo Fisher Scientific: Greenville; pharmaceuticals; about 900 employees. 

US Federal Government

UNX: Greenville; laundry chemicals; about 70 employees. 
Vidant Health (ECU Health): Greenville; healthcare; about 6900 employees. 
Wal-Mart: Greenville; department and grocery stores; about 800 employees. 
Wells Fargo Dealer Services: Winterville; financial services; about 330 employees. 
Weyerhaeuser: Ayden; pine lumber; about 170 employees. 
 Winterville Machine Works: Winterville; machine assembly; about 70 employees.
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