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The PITTworks Project is for people who are receiving Food & Nutrition Services (also known as "FNS" or "food stamps") and who want to get jobs. PITTworks follows federal rules that do not allow it to enroll people who are not receiving FNS, or who are receiving some other services such as Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability benefits, Unemployment Insurance benefits, or Work First Family Assistance.
Also, federal rules place limits on how long some people can receive food stamps unless they participate in PITTworks or other work-related activities.
Click here to open a form that will help you find out whether you are eligible for PITTworks, and whether it may help you to keep receiving food stamps. But please keep in mind that a final decision can only be made by Pitt County Social Services at the Human Services Center, 203 Government Circle, Greenville. Please phone 902-1352 to speak with a counselor or make an appointment, or click here to contact us.
Working Together
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