About the PITTworks Project

The PITTworks Project helps people get good jobs in Pitt County, and to get the training they need to get good jobs.

Getting a stable job with good pay can be difficult, but it is almost never impossible. PITTworks helps people learn the right ways and wrong ways to do it, and how to avoid common mistakes.

How is PITTworks different from other job training and placement programs? PITTworks is focused completely on Pitt County, on the 70,000 jobs that are located right here, and especially on the jobs that are in most demand.

PITTworks is also focused completely on the people who are most in need of good jobs: people who are receiving Food & Nutrition Services (food stamps) from Pitt County Social Services.
Female Healthcare Worker
Look below for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, and contact PITTworks to learn more.
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