Adoptions, Lost and Found, & Reclamations

Adopting a Dog or Cat

We offer a very simple adoption process. All animals MUST be spayed/neutered before going home with the adopter! All of our dogs are vaccinated with DHPP and Bordetella vaccine upon entry to our shelter. Dogs and puppies have an adoption fee of $110. Cats and kitten have an adoption fee of $85.  If the animal is already altered at the time of adoption, they will have a reduced adoption fee and you will be able to take the pet home with you that day.  If the animal is not altered at the time of adoption, then we hold the pet overnight and take them to our vet the next business day to be spayed or neutered.  The adopter will then pick the pet up from our vets office that afternoon.  Pets that are adopted Thursday through Saturday will not be able to be spayed/neutered until the following Monday, and the adopter would pick the pet up that Monday Afternoon. Dogs have a scheduled pick up time of 3:00p.m. on the day of their surgery, while cats are scheduled to be picked up at 4:00p.m.  All pets MUST be picked up from the vets office by the adopter no later than 5:00p.m. on the day of their surgery.

Are you looking to adopt a pet in the Greenville area? We have a number of lovable pets waiting for adoption in Greenville. is one of the largest pet adoption sites with animal rescue groups all over the United States and Canada. can give you access to a number of adoptable pets in Greenville looking for a kind, loving owner to take them home. This page is dedicated to our pet adoption shelter in Greenville where you will find plenty of adoptable pets waiting for a loving owner to take them home. 

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Lost and Found Pets

Reclaiming your Pet

Pitt County Animal Services takes in thousands of lost or stray animals each year. So if you have lost a pet, it is crucial that you contact our offices immediately!  NC Law only requires stray pets be held for 72 hours!  But effective 01/01/2015, Pitt County Animal Services now holds stray dogs for a period of five days. If you have lost a pet please report it missing and come in and look at the pets we have at our shelter immediately. Stray animals often times can only be held for the minimum 72 hours due to space. 
If you live within the city limits of Ayden, Grifton, Bethel, Farmville, or Winterville, these towns have their own animal control officers who pick up pets and take them to their own holding pens located in their municipality.  They often hold the animals for 72 hours at their facility before bringing the pets to our shelter.   So in the case that you are missing a pet in one of the previously mentioned towns, please contact them to report your pet missing as well.
Please call Pitt County Animal Services and report any lost or found pets at:


You can also click the link below to open a copy of our Lost or Found Form. Please fill out the form completely and return it, along with a picture of the pet, to Lisa at the animal shelter. 
4550 County Home Road-Greenville, NC 27858.  

You can also Email the information to our Lost and Found coordinator Lisa at:   

 -Click here for the hard copy Lost or Found form
 -Click here for the electronic Lost or Found form
If you find that one of your pets is at the Pitt County Animal Shelter, please call the shelter ASAP at 252-902-1725.  When coming to the Animal Shelter to reclaim your pet, you will have to provide current ID, proof of ownership, I.e. vet records, rabies certificates, and such.  And pay the reclaim fees for the pet.  If your pets rabies vaccine is not current, we must update the vaccination before the animal can leave the shelter.  
for a list of Animal Shelter Reclamation Fees.

Why should my pets wear a collar?

Ensuring that your pets are properly identifiable is the best way to make sure that they always find their way home!  And with there being so many great options for you to choose from, it is always a good idea to figure out which tag or I.D. system is best for you and your pet. Even the Rabies Tag that was issued by your Veterinarian when your pet got their rabies vaccine is a great way to identify your pet.  

Many stores nowadays have I.D. tag machines in the front of their stores. i.e. Walmart, PetsMart, Petco.  With these tags, you can add as much contact information as you like to help the pet get identified when they are lost or found. 

Microchips are a permanent solution to a lost or found pet.  Most Veterinarian offices offer microchipping to their clients.  Speak with your local veterinarian about pricing and if you have any questions.