Veteran Services

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has announced there will be a 8.7% COLA increase for Disabled Veteran Compensation/Pension and Survivor Payments for 2023.

The mission of the Veteran Services Department is to assist veterans and their dependents with applying for and coordinating benefits they are eligible to receive. These benefits include: burial, compensation, education, home improvements and loans, life and health insurance, medical, pension, rehabilitation, and others. 

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Operation Green Light for Veterans

Operation Green Light for Veterans' mission is to demonstrate support for veterans, raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by veterans and highlight resources that are available at the county, state, and federal level to assist veterans and their families. Approximately 200,000 service members transition to civilian communities annually. Veterans continue to serve the community after transitioning to civilian life by way of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, religious groups, civil service, and by functioning as County Veteran Service Officers in 29 states to help fellow former service members access more than $52 billion in federal health, disability and compensation benefits each year.

Pitt County encourages all counties, municipalities and citizens to recognize “Operation Green Light for Veterans” by displaying a green light in a window of their place of business or residence throughout the week of Veterans Day. For more information visit

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