Comprehensive Animal Services Ordinance

On November 20, 2017 the Pitt County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a Comprehensive Animal Control Ordinance for Pitt County.

This ordinance is a comprehensive ordinance which includes the current Dangerous Dog, Animal Neglect & Cruelty, and Canine Control Ordinances. It also incorporates new sections that include Standards of Care for Large Commercial Breeder (Section V) and Exotic and Dangerous Animals (Section VI).

This Comprehensive Ordinance is designed to make it easier for citizens to locate and understand all Pitt County ordinances concerning animals, by all of it being contained in one document. This ordinance also standardizes time frames and penalties in which enforcement action is taken. The goal of this ordinance is to enhance the Animal Services goal and mission to protect the health and public safety of all citizens and animals in Pitt County.


Dangerous Dog Information

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