Frequently Asked Questions

  1. FAQ About Registration
  2. FAQ About Voting
  3. FAQ About Absentee Voting
  • How and where can I get a voter registration form?

    • Public Library
    • Department of Social Services
    • Town halls
    • Board of Elections office at 1800 N. Greene St., Suite C,  Greenville NC 27834
    • Print a form from our website.

Complete and sign form, then mail to PO Box 56, Greenville, NC 27835. Registered voters may use the form to update their name, address and party. Registered voters may also update their registration information by completing the right-hand side of their voter card and mailing/delivering it to the Pitt County Board of Elections.

  • Can I go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office to register to vote?

    • Yes, you may register or update your voter registration when obtaining or renewing your NC Driver’s License or Identification Card.
  • When is the deadline to register to vote in an election?

    • If hand-delivered, the registration form must be received at the Board of Elections office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 25th day prior to the election.
    • If mailed, the registration form must be postmarked at least 25 days prior to the election.
  • May I fax or email a voter registration form?

    • Yes, you may fax or email your registration form, but if it is a new registration or change of party affiliation, the Board of Elections must receive your original signature at least 20 days prior to the election.
  • May I sign a voter registration form for someone else?

    • No, only a voter may sign his or her registration form. You are not permitted to sign the form for your spouse, child or parent, even if you have power of attorney for the person.
  • I have completed my felony sentence, do I have to prove it or apply in any special way?

    • No, just re-register within the time limits of the election.
  • Can people who will be 18 years old by Election Day register and vote in the Primary as well as the General Election?

    • Yes, a 17 year old may register and vote if they will become 18 years old on or before Election Day.
  • How do I know if my voter registration is up to date?

    • Click here to confirm the status of your voter registration, find your voting location, and view a sample ballot for the upcoming election. You can also call the Pitt County Board of Elections office at 252-902-3300.
  • What if my name or address has been entered incorrectly on the registration rolls?

    • You should contact the Board of Elections in writing to have this correction made. If the error is realized during One-Stop or on Election Day, precinct officials have forms that you may complete and leave with them so that the correction to your voter record can be made.
  • When can I change my party affiliation?

    • You may change your party affiliation any time before the registration deadline, except between First and Second Primaries. You may not change your party affiliation during One-Stop voting.
  • What does party affiliation mean?

    • Party affiliation determines the Primary in which a voter is eligible to vote. In NC a voter may register with the following parties:
      • Democratic Party
      • Green Party
      • Libertarian Party
      • No Labels Party
      • Republican Party

If you do not declare a party, you will be registered as Unaffiliated.

  • I am registered Unaffiliated. May I vote in a Primary?

    • Yes. If you are an Unaffiliated voter, you can choose to participate in any recognized party’s Primary, or you may request a non-partisan ballot. However, you must choose only one party's Primary. Participating in a partisan Primary will not affect your status as an Unaffiliated voter. If you request a non-partisan ballot, you will only vote for those contests that are non-partisan (i.e. referenda, constitutional amendments, etc.).
  • If I don't vote, will my voter record be purged from the voter registration rolls?

    • Voter registration records are not “purged” simply due to non-voting. Voters are removed from the voter rolls due to a biennial list maintenance process that is mandated by Federal and State law. If a County Board of Elections has not had any contact with a voter for a period of two Federal election cycles, then the voter will be sent a forwardable address confirmation mailing. The voter will be required to return the confirmation mailing within 30 days of the mailing. If the confirmation mailing is not returned by the voter within that time, or the mailing is returned by the postal system as undeliverable, then the voter’s record will be marked inactive in the voter registration database. Inactive voters are still registered voters. If an inactive voter presents to vote, the person will be asked to update his or her address with the Board of Elections. In the event that an inactive voter remains in this status for another two Federal election cycles (meaning the county board still has no contact with the voter), then the voter will be removed as a voter in the county.
  • How are ineligible voters removed from the voter registration rolls?

    • In NC, County Boards of Elections follow a comprehensive list maintenance schedule to remove names of individuals who are no longer eligible to be registered due to death, felony conviction, removal from the county, or lack of voter contact.