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EVENT INFORMATION: Hurricane Florence (Huracán Florence)

From Thursday-Saturday, September 13-15, 2018, Pitt County was impacted by Hurricane Florence. While local impacts were not as significant as initially expected, widespread devastation was experienced throughout much of Southeastern North Carolina. Contained on this page is important information regarding recovery and restoration following this storm event.

De jueves a sábado, del 13 al 15 de septiembre de 2018, el huracán Florence afectó al condado de Pitt. Si bien los impactos no fueron tan significativos como se esperaba inicialmente, se experimentó una gran devastación en gran parte del sureste de Carolina del Norte. El contenido de esta página es información importante sobre recuperación y restauración después de este evento de tormenta.

Florence Header: Mosquito ManagementPLEASE NOTE: DO NOT approach or attempt to stop the spray truck while it is in operation or on the roadway.


Tuesday (10/9): Town of Fountain • Major Smith Rd. • NC 102 E (from "No Spray" area to Leary Mills Rd.) • Leary Mills Rd. (to Gaskins Rd.) • Gaskins Rd. • Grover Smith Rd. • Bill Adams Rd. • Amos Haddock Rd. • NC 43 (from NC 102 to Ervin Buck Rd.) • Grover Hardee Rd. • Major Smith Rd. • Stanley Rd. • Ida & Mary McLawhorn Rd. • Gum Swamp Church Rd.

Monday (10/8): Ellen Farm Rd. (Pitt Community College Firing Range - Night Shooting) • Imperial Estates • Stanton Mill Rd. • NC 30 (Stanton Mill Rd. to NC 11) • Briley Rd. • NC 33 (Briley Rd. to Belvoir) • NC 222 (to town limits of Fountain) • Allen Gay Rd. • NC 258 (Fountain to Farmville)

Sunday (10/7): NC 102 W (NC 11 to Roundtree Rd.) • Roundtree Rd. to Abbott Farm Rd. • Mac Allen Rd. • Abbott Farm Rd. • Jolly Rd. • Laurie Ellis Rd. (Winterville town limit to Jack Jones Rd.) • Branch Rd. • Jack Jones Rd. • Worthington Rd. (Winterville town limit to NC 43) • County Home Complex (Alice F. Keene District Park) • Pitt County Soccer Complex • Bells Fork Rd. • Cherry Oaks S/D • Magnolia Ridge S/D 

Saturday (10/6):  Joe Stocks Rd. • Lester Mills Rd. • Mills Rd. (NC 43 to Blackjack-Grimesland Rd.) • VOA Site B Rd. • Hudsons Crossroads Rd. • Dixon Rd. (to County limit) • Grimesland Bridge Rd. • Boyds Rd. (to County limit) • Smith Town Rd. (to Grimesland Bridge Rd.) • Grimesland (to Boyds Rd.) • Boyds Rd. (Grimesland Bridge Rd. to Blackjack-Grimesland Rd.) • J.C. Galloway Rd. • Archers WY. • Boyd Galloway Rd. • Huntingwood Dr. • Blackjack–Simpson (to Simpson town limit) • Avon Rd. (to NC 33) • Brick Kiln Rd. • Eagles Nest Rd.

Friday (10/5): NC 102 E (NC 43 to Leary-Mills Rd.)  •  Leary Mills Rd. to Gaskins Rd.  •  Gaskins Rd. to BlackJack-Simpson Rd.  •  BlackJack-Simpson Rd. to Grimesland  •  Silverodo MHP  •  Poker House Rd.  •  Grimesland Bridge Rd. to Clarks Neck Rd.  •  Clarks Neck Rd. (to the County limit)  •  Whichard Cherry Ln. (Old Creek Rd. to Oakley Rd.)  •  Oakley Rd. (Whichard Cherry Ln. to NC 903)  •  Teakwood Dr. (off of Allen Rd.)

Thursday (10/4): Crawford Smith Farm Rd.  •  Bell Arthur Rd.  •  Bell Arthur Crossing  •  Town of Bell Arthur  •  Bruce Strickland Rd.  •  Alton Trail  •  Pine Log Ln.  •  Fishpond Rd.  •  Stantonsburg Rd. (VOA Site C Rd. to North Ridge Dr.)  •  Worthington Rd. (County Home Rd. to Tull Rd.)  •  Worthington Woods  •  County Home Complex (Alice F. Keene District Park)

Wednesday (10/3): Old Tar Rd.  •  Emma Cannon Rd. (Ayden Golf Club Rd. to NC 102)  •  Ayden Golf Club Rd. (NC 102 to County Home Rd.)  •  Ivy Rd. (from Haddock Rd. to B Stokes Rd.)  •  B Stokes Rd.  •  Rouse Rd.  •  Herman Garris Rd.  •  Tull Rd.  •  McLawhorn Farm Rd.  •  Pocosin Rd.  • Roundtree Rd. (NC 903 to Abbott Farm Rd.)  •  Speight Seed Farm Rd. (Abbot Farm Rd. to Pocosin Rd.)  •  Red Forbes Rd.  •  Blue Banks Farms  • Rock Springs  •  VOA Site C Rd.  •  Stantonsburg Rd. (VOA Site C Rd. to Greenville city limit)

Tuesday (10/2): Ellen Farm Rd. (Firing range)  •  Allpine-Taylor Rd.  •  Town of Bethel  •  Hwy 64 Alt (from Bethel to Porter Rd.)  •  Bowers Rd.  • Price Rd.  •  Porter Rd. (from 64 Alt to Durwood Pollard Rd.)  •  Holland Rd. (from Durwood Pollard Rd. to Penny Hill)  •  Penny Hill Rd.  •  Conetoe Rd. (Penny Hill to County line)  •  NC 33 (from Penny Hill to NC 222)  •  NC 222 to Falkland

Monday (10/1): All of County Home Rd.  •  Edwards Farm Rd.  •  Manning Rd.  •  Haddock Rd.  •   Ivy Rd. (from Haddock to County Home Rd.)  • Beaver Dam Rd. •  Cal Jones Rd. •  Warren Jones Rd.  •  Hwy 102 (from NC43 to Ayden city limits)  •  Stokestown - St. Johns Rd (from 118 to 102)

Sunday (9/30):  Stokes Rd.  •  Old River Rd. (from 222 to Barrus Construction Rd.)  •  Hwy 33 (from Barrus Construction Rd. to Holland Rd.)   • Holland Rd. to Durwood Pollard Rd. •  Durwood Pollard to Porter Rd.  •   Porter Rd. to Belvoir  •   Gum Swamp Church Rd.  •  Staton House Rd.   •   Julia and Betha Lanes

Saturday (9/29):   East Hanrahan Rd. from Stokestown-St. Johns Rd. to  NC 11  •  Pleasant Ridge subdivision  •  Pactolus Hwy from Green St. to NC 264 (with all  development on the road)  •  Whichard Rd. + Fairview MHP  •  Ramshorn Rd.  •  Whichard-Cherry Rd.  •  Frankie Coburn Rd.  • Firetower Rd. from 14th St. to Portertown Rd.  •  Portertown Rd. to Eastern Pines Rd.  •  LT Hardee Rd.  •  Brittany Ridge and Lake Glenwood area

Friday (9/28): Emory Wood Estates  •  Frog Level Rd. (NC 13 to Forelines Rd.)  •  Darrell Dr.  •  Gatewood Dr.  •  Sutters Place subdivision • Pocosin Rd. to Speight Seed Farm Rd. (including all intersecting roads)  •  Speight Seed Farm Rd. to Forelines Rd.  •  Forelines Rd. to Frog Level Rd.  •  Alice F. Keene Walking Trail  •  Soccer Complex at D.H. Conley High School  •  NC 33 (Port terminal to Grimesland including all developments whose entrance is on NC 33 + following subdivision just off of 33)  •  Stone Gate subdivision  •  Black Jack Simpson Rd. to Jethro Mills Rd.  •  Porter Mills Rd.  •  Tucker Rd. (Simpson town limits to NC 33 + attached subdivisions)

Thursday (9/27): No spraying occurred due to inclement weather.

Wednesday (9/26): Old River Rd. to Barrus Construction Rd.  •  Barrus Construction Rd. to NC 33  •  NC 33 to Greenville city limits  •  Hope Middle School (Mills Rd.)

Tuesday (9/25): Stantonsburg Rd (from Greenville city limits to VOA Site C Rd.)  •  VOA Site C Rd. to NC 43  •  Rock Springs  •  Whichard Rd.  •  Soccer Complex at D.H. Conley High School  •  Worthington Rd. (from NC43 to County Home Rd.)  •  County Home Rd. to Greenville city limits (including County Home Complex / Alice Keene Park)  •  MacGregor Downs Rd. 

Spraying will NOT occur if it rains late in the afternoon and/or if the wind speed is greater than 10 miles per hour, as both of these factors impact the application of the type of spray used. Spraying will occur at dusk, as that is the ideal time to spray in order for the application to be most effective.


NOTICE TO BEE KEEPERS: Pitt County Environmental Health (PCEH) uses is "Biomist 3 + 15" spray. PCEH ONLY sprays AFTER sundown, when bees are in their hives. PCEH also refers to the NC Department of Agriculture’s "Bee Check" map prior to spraying. PCEH also utilizes the "Tar River Bee Keepers Facebook Page" to notify members that spraying will occur in their areas. The sprayer is turned off upon approaching addresses identified on the Bee Check Map. Anyone, who has a hive, can register their hive with Bee Check.

LARVACIDE TABLETS: Larvacide tables can be used to kill mosquitos in standing water. Pitt County Health Department’s Environmental Health Division has a limited  supply of these tablets and will provide ONE (1) tablet per household as long as supplies last. Anyone interested in receiving one of these free tablets can visit Environmental Health at 1825 Hospital Drive, Greenville between the hours of 8:00am – 5: 00pm, Monday – Friday. Larvacide tablets can also be purchased at local home improvement stores.

REPORT AREAS: If you would like to report and area in need of spraying, you can call 252-902-3220 and leave a message. NOTE: Your message WILL be received, but due to all available staff now working on the issue, you will not receive a followup call back. To help reduce call volume, please check this page for updates before calling to request service in your area. 

For more information on Mosquito Management, and what you can do to help, please view the video below:

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Resource Donation InformationDonations are still welcome!  •  ¡Donaciones son bienvenidas!

Through the Disaster Recovery Partner Network for Pitt County (DRP), a local network of churches, the County has identified a list of facilities capable of receiving donations in various locations throughout the County. Those wishing to donate goods or services are asked to locate the organization closest to them, and to please call the number listed BEFORE dropping off donations.

A través de la Red de Socios de Recuperación de Desastres del Condado de Pitt, una red de iglesias locales, el Condado ha identificado una lista de facilidades capaz de recibir donaciones in varios lugares alrededor del Condado. Aquellos que desean donar bienes ō servicios se les piden que localicen la organización más cercana a ellos, y que llamen antemano, por favor, el número enumerado ANTES de dejar sus donaciones.


Churches Outreach Network
1713 Albemarle Avenue
Greenville, NC 27834
Contact: Rev. Dr. Rodney Coles, Sr. 252-717-9600
Hours: Mon-Fri- 9am-3pm

Holly Hill Original Free Will Baptist Church
755 Porter Road
Greenville, NC 27834
Contact: Bishop Tripp 252-531-2993
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-12pm-

Greater Mount Zion Christian Church
3872 Avon Road
Grimesland, NC 27837
Contact: Bishop Joe Dixon 252-347-1984 or Mrs. Lind Dixon 252-864-7668
Hours: Mon 10am-1pm. Tues 6pm-9pm, Thursday 6pm-9pm

Grifton Mission Minitries
6499 North Highland Blvd
Grifton, NC 28530
Contact: Billy Tarlton 252-531-1931 or Elaine Tarlton 252-253-8677
Hours: 8am-8pm 7days a week

Community Fellowship Ministries
4111 South Main Street
Farmville, NC 27828
Contact: Pastor Lester Gay 252-814-4516 or Rose Gay 252-714-4513
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm.

New Dimensions Community Church
1700 W. 6th Street
Greenville, NC 27834
Contact: Pastor Eve Rogers 252-258-4206 or Ray Rogers 252-531-3034
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10am-2pm

St. John Missionary Baptist Church Soul Saving Center
2921 Briery Swamp Road
Stokes, NC 27884
Contact: Pastor Gregory Black 252-341-1576 or Patricia Black 252-413-9173
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

Antioch Church Ministries
2659 Railroad Street
Bell Arthur, NC 27811
Contact:Bishop Lewis 252-327-2339
Hours: mon-Fri 9am-12pm

New Wynn Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
191 Package Craft Road
Bethel, NC 27812
Contact: Pastor James Lindsey 252-236-5763
Hours: Call Pastor Lindsey to Schedule time

Annoited One Ministries
7271 N. Edge Road
Ayden, NC 28513
Contact: Judy Hart 252-746-2722
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Please call Dr. Rodney Coles, Sr. President, Chair Disaster Recovery at 252-717-9600 with all donations so that inventory can be established as well as a complete report.Last Update: Sunday 9/16/2018 3:15 PM