Doggy Day Out Information

Pitt County Animal Services is proud to offer the Doggy Day Out program, which pairs members of the community with shelter dogs for field trips. Outings can last from a few hours to all day, and can include a hike, a stroll through the park, a sleepover in a home or even a nice lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant. 

The Doggy Day Out program was created to help reduce kennel stress and provide dogs with enrichment and increased visibility. Outings give the shelter valuable insight on how the dogs behave outside a shelter environment. It’s also a great excuse to spend a day doing something new or exploring Pitt County!

The program is designed to make it easy for the community to participate, so signing up is easy. Participants will be provided with everything they need for a successful field trip. 

To get started, click the links below and email completed forms to

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For more information contact:

Barbara Holcombe, VA