Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities

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The Pitt County Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities (PCCEPD) mission is to:

  • Promote employment opportunities
  • Provide training for employers within Pitt County on the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities
  • Promote networking among employers, service providers and consumers


PCCEPD works to bring together local governments, business partners, and community organizations, in an effort to achieve the following: 

  • Provide information about community employment resources to people with disabilities
  • Increase awareness by providing education to employers on hiring and accommodating people with disabilities
  • Create networking opportunities among employers, service providers and people with disabilities
  • Inform employers about employment resources available to help with hiring and retaining people with disabilities
  • Host and sponsor local disability awareness activities


For additional information on employment resources, click on the "Additional Employment Resources" page link on the left side menu of this page, or just CLICK HERE.


PCCEPD consists of an 11 member board, appointed by the Pitt County Board of Commissioners. Members include representatives from partner agencies, local organizations, and members of the community. The Committee meets once per month (except for July). Pitt County residents with interest in the committee are invited to attend. For more information on meeting times and locations, please contact the Committee Chairperson through the Pitt County Managers office at 252-902-2950.