National County Government Month

Pitt County Recognizes National County Government Month 2019

To view the NCGM 2019 Proclamation from the Pitt County Commissioner, CLICK HERE.

National County Government Month (NCGM), held in April of each year, NCGM 2019 logois an annual celebration of county government, and the various services provided to the community at the county level. As promoted by the National Association of Counties (NACo), the NCGM theme for 2019 is “Connecting the Unconnected.” This theme focuses on the importance of county programs and initiatives that inform and illustrate how counties help all citizens forge pathways to live well and thrive. In recognition of this month, Pitt County Government has taken this opportunity to plan several efforts, which include the following:

Friday “Connected Update": Every Friday during the month of April, a special “Connected Update” will be posted on PittTv and all Pitt County social media outlets. Produced by the Pitt County Public Information Office, each Update will highlight a program or application which works to connect all residents of Pitt County with the various information or services they need.    

Website: The Pitt County website will feature a special National County Government Month banner across the homepage, along with a special sub-page dedicated to NCGM, and the County’s activities throughout. The special sub-page can be accessed at, and will be updated periodically as the month progresses.

Visual Enhancements: Several visual enhancements are planned for the County Administrative Office Building, located at 1717 West 5th Street in Greenville, which will promote NCGM to all visitors to the campus. These include the installation of a new welcome sign under the main entrance canopy, which will feature NCGM artwork and information; as well as several smaller NCGM informational signs posted throughout the building.   

PittTv: PSA’s which will highlight NCGM, and the County’s recognition efforts will be run throughout April on the County's television channel, PittTv (Suddenlink Cable channel 13). These PSA’s will feature information on NCGM history, the current year’s theme, as well as directions on how to learn more.   

These recognitions serve as only a small part of the ongoing commitment Pitt County holds to ensuring all residents remain CONNECTED.

To view the National Association of Counties (NACo) poster for NCGM 2019, CLICK HERE.