CCC Kick Off Meeting 

July 16, 2019 – Kick Off Meeting & Census Training

This was the first meeting of Pitt County’s Complete Count Committee.   During the formation of the Complete Count Committee, Pitt County Government included various subsets of the community.  Our Committee consists of members from the local media outlets, education sources such as East Carolina University & Pitt County Schools, highly recognizable community groups and various minority and religious groups.  Each organization brings unique qualities to our committee which provide visibility to our campaign and a voice for it to be heard.  Beth Ward, Chairman of the Pitt County Board of Commissioners welcomed the committee and stressed the importance of the tasks at hand.  James Rhodes, Pitt County Planning Director, opened the meeting with a small presentation and recap of Census 2010 activities. Pitt County's Census Participation Specialists, Bernadette Richards and Allisa Shepard trained the new members by focusing on the Complete Count Committee Guide, published by the Census Bureau.  Afterwards the new members broke up into groups and developed actions plans for getting the Census message out to the under-counted populations within Pitt County.  It was agreed that the committee would reconvene later this fall.